Thursday, March 29, 2018


It's time to stop.  I've been running like a mad woman for weeks and I need to smell the roses.......well, not roses as I don't have any because I chopped all their heads off last week. But I'll find some smelly flower somewhere.   This is not one of them (no smell at all, pretty but not smelly).


Have a fab Easter, take care over the holidays and we'll catch up soon. 

Love to you and yours.  Leonie xx

Monday, March 26, 2018

March for our lives

I'm not one to overly comment on political or current news, I think there is enough of that around to consume us at the best of times.  However.......I just wanted to say, to all those amazing students, gun violence victims, their friends and families, to keep up the fight, don't give up.  

Ask Australia what to do.

 I am an Australian mother, who is raising her children in a society without the fear of being shot.  I have no fear of that, not at school, not when I walk down the street and not when I want to enjoy a music event.  Keep up the pressure, its working and you have the world behind you.    

This mum, who lives on the other side of the world, thinks that you are INVALUABLE. 

Love to you all.  Leonie xx

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Good God....she now has 2!

Who wouldn't want a kid that likes things flying around her face CRACKING THOUGH THE SOUND BARRIER!! 

Mother going grey.  God help me when boys come on the scene.  Eeeeeeeeeek 

Monday, March 19, 2018

I forgot the UNDIES!!

It's 10.30 in the evening, the wind is hot and blowing a gale (104km/h).  You take a walk outside to check on a branch that has just made a loud crashing sound.  Then it hits you, the smell of smoke, you look to your right and the sky is glowing red.   You know instantly, without the need of any app's or outside communication that you have to go.  No questions asked, get the kids, dog, cats and fish loaded up and go.  

I had a bit of time to grab a few things.............What do you take?

I woke the kids up and got them organised. Finn wanted his ted and iPad.  Asha wanted her stock-whip, ted and iPad.  Dave had to look after the animals and himself and I got the kids and I sorted. 

You think, that you would be all cool calm and collected. Your not.  Your a strange sort of calm on the outside with a tornado on the inside. 

In the end we arrived at Mum and Dad's with......

Animals, (chooks and ducks were left behind) with only cat and fish food......don't know what the dog was going to eat?
No undies for anyone except myself (bit narcissistic, isn't it?)
Toothbrushes...amazing I remembered that
Computer hard drive

After all the rush was over I looked at Dave in horror and said....."oh, no....I grabbed my wedding rings but not yours!!!"  He very quietly, with a smile on his face said,  "I got mine". 


Dave can't because it's to dangerous for work and I don't because they are to fancy for our bush block (I wear my great grandmothers band).

But, here we are, in the madness that it was, thinking the only real things that mean the most to us are  our, kids, animals and our wedding rings.  I'm so glad, that all those years ago, I set that man trap and hitched this bloke.   

LATEST UPDATE : It seems at this stage the fire situation has been downgraded, however we are not to relax just yet.  I think we'll have a few long days and nights ahead of us. 


We are ok for now.  Evacuated on Saturday night into town about 11.00, red sky, smoke swirling........frightening.  We were able to come home yesterday due to changes in the wind. 

Our home is fine, however many are not.  Feeling shattered for those people.  No loss of life at this stage, thank God. 

Men and woman around me looking exhausted (myself and Dave included)  Out fighting fires, No sleep.  Kids upset.  Everyone on edge.  People sad.  

Our internet is off and on, so I’ll write more when I can.  Thanks for your thoughts.  Thanks to those awesome CFA men and women, love them to bits. Leonie xx

Sunday, March 18, 2018


The bags are packed,  the kids and animals are ready to be loaded up.  Man folk out fighting.   Need your prayers. xx 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vintage Lace Guitar Strap

Just perfect for a 12yo girl..........or a 44yo woman who might just fling it on one of her ukuleles when the elf is at school and I have a gig at the local oldies home!!

Hope you like it goes perfect with my new dress!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

I'm happy with the colours.

I have looked at this house, under a microscope for over 12 months.  It's driven the painter and I nuts. I've now been on a holiday, taken some time off reno's and I can look at the bigger picture.  I love it!! It was a big change but now it's growing on me.  We have still many small things to finish but we are 95% there. Gee it was a big job.  Thank gowd it's almost over!! 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sometimes the hippy shit goes out the window!

Last year was big, just one big stress ball, this year not so much. However, the bottle/jar collection process flew out the window.  I couldn't be stuffed washing them and off to the recycle they went.  Yep...bad hippy.  Alas, I am now I am back to stable ground and the last jar of relish has just been devoured.  Oh....I wished I'd kept those bottles!!  Never-mind, Barbecues Galore to the rescue!  Who new they had cheap gorgeous glass bottles to rescue distressed, organicish, earth-mother type!  Thanks to the fellas in the home brewing department, i’m back on track!